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06/26/08 06:19 PM #5    

Ted Keller

Thanks for the website Erica. Boy. 20 years...Where has the time gone. I am looking forward to hooking up with everyone. GO KNIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/27/08 09:35 AM #6    

Anthony Sullivan

Hey gang ! I hope everyone is well these days. Reunion plans are moving right along. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and I hope that you are to. As you fill out the info on your profile, you have the option to make your info public with other classmates. If you choose not to do so, PLEASE, PLEASE send it to me so that I can add all of your contact info. to our database. You can leave me a messege on evans88.org or you can send it to me at tsulliva@aug.edu. Please include the following: mailing address, most viewed e-mail address, telephone# and married name in ( ) for all you females. Take advantage of this site to reconnect to all of our classmates. Erica has done an awesome job in putting it together and it is going to be a great help in our reunion process.( Love Ya Girl ! ).......Todd

06/27/08 12:03 PM #7    

Mark Ross

Thanks to everyone who has been working to put together this reunion. I missed our 10 year reunion, and have lost touch with almost everyone from school. But I'm really looking forward to getting back and "catching up".

06/27/08 12:59 PM #8    

Tarynn Ufret (Josey)

Erica....CUDOS 2U! The site is great and I have really enjoyed looking over the profiles to see what people are up to and where they are.

06/27/08 03:53 PM #9    

Heather Hessek (Menard)

Yes, absolutely THANK YOU Erica. The website is fantastic!! Apparently nobody tried to find me for the tenth and I couldn't track down any info so I'm glad we have the people working on what we do now. I'm trying to do my part on locating people, so sad to see the names of folks that are no longer with us.

06/27/08 04:54 PM #10    

Rhea Reading (Watkins)

wow! 20 years! love the sight and a huge thank you! looking forward to seeing the class of 88!

06/27/08 06:36 PM #11    

Rachel Nance (Clarke)

Thanks to Erica and to Todd for getting us all together! I missed the tenth reunion also but am looking forward to the twentieth!

Rachel (Nance) Clarke

06/28/08 08:26 AM #12    

Trisha Toler (Reeves)

This site is awesome - great job! I have often wondered what became of everyone and have really enjoyed reading all the updates, especially all the great family photos. Wow, Class of 88, we really are all grown now, aren't we? 20 years seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago, all at the same time.

06/30/08 10:42 PM #13    

Anthony Sullivan

How I got involved in this, I have no idea. But I will be honest in saying that it has been one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time. I have a great family at home but you know how it gets to get bogged down with every day life experiences, especially with work and bills. I have really enjoyed getting back in touch with the real me and it is gratifying knowing that when the day has come to a close, that I might get to talk with a good friend that I haven't been able to see or talk to in a long time. I hope y'all are excited about this reunion as I am. Best wishes and see ya soon....Todd Sullivan

07/01/08 07:14 PM #14    

Eric Crawford

Just curious, does anybody know if any former faculty and administration might show up? That would be nice to see them, but I'm not sure if this is a common thing with reunions or not?

Thanks to everybody on the reunion committee for your hard work...you all are doing a great job!

07/02/08 09:25 PM #15    

Wendy Percival (Jones)

How can this be a 20 yr reunion when I am only 29???

07/04/08 10:54 AM #16    

Heather Hessek (Menard)

Er...Wendy, honey, check that birth certificate again LOL
Oh wait...no...you were like Doogie Howser, yeah, that's it...graduated early you did. There were quite a few of us hahahahahahahahaa

07/06/08 03:19 PM #17    

Erica Lane (VanDyke)

Hi Everyone,

I'm glad that you are enjoying the website and how things are pulling together for the reunion. The reunion committee is filled with some amazing EHS classmates that have really stepped up to the plate. Matter of fact there are at least 18 people working diligently to make things happen for all of us. Hope to see all of you there soon.


07/06/08 10:43 PM #18    

Christopher Sailors

Like you Mark, I also missed the 10 year and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks for the site, I know it is not easy to take time out of our all to hectic lives, but this is a great forum.
Yall come back now....ya hear!

07/12/08 10:08 PM #19    

Marnie Bulluck (Bowles)

Just wanted to thank all of you for the hard work that all of you are doing. I am really surprised at the response that this website has gotten. It looks like there will be a lot more people at this reunion than at the ten year. Keep up the good work and I am here if you need any additional help. I look forward to seeing everyone. Marnie

07/15/08 09:42 PM #20    

Carolyn "Terri" Shipes

HI Everyone,
The site is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion since I couldn't make the 10 year. Thanks for a great site.

07/16/08 04:09 PM #21    

Lelia McDiarmid (Sprague)

Hey Gang!!!! I am so very excited about our upcoming 20yr. Reunion!!! It was great seeing many of you at the 10yr...but most certainly look forward to our 20th!!!

Stay safe & Peace be with each of you!! See you Oct. 25th!!!:)

Thank you Erica and all who are involved!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

07/17/08 05:34 PM #22    

Deanna Williams (Coley)

Can't wait to see everyone! 20 years seems like it was a lifetime ago! Thank you to the committee and to those participating!!!!!!!

07/18/08 12:40 AM #23    

Lara Sykes (Fort)

I don't think we can thank Erica enough for this website!!!!! I have heard from soooo many people that I haven't heard from in YEARS and it is so nice to find out where everyone is now and see all of their pictures, etc.
Keep the messages coming!! I love catching up with everyone!!
Kudos, Kudos, Kudos to you Erica! I feel like this site will be the greatest tool to having a fabulous reunion b/c everyone is getting back in touch and it will make seeing everyone face to face even more fun!!!!

07/21/08 01:52 PM #24    

David Simons

Thank you the site is great way to remember and get in touch. I am looking forward to seeing you'll and hearing about the good times, bad times, and "Sidetrack" times.

07/22/08 07:29 AM #25    

Heather Hessek (Menard)

Congratulations to Tara Cooper (Chokshi)!! They just had a brand new baby added to their family this month.
Hope Priyanka adds even more beauty and joy to your lives :)

07/22/08 11:40 AM #26    

Eddie Overby

Like many others, I was unable to make the 10-year reunion but am certainly looking forward to catching up with everyone at the 20. Thanks to the committee for taking your time and for all the hard work to make this happen.

07/26/08 12:46 AM #27    

Lori Kelly (Duncan)

Thanks you guys!!! 20 YEARS!!! OMG!!! This website is awesome! I wasn't able to attend our 10 yr. and I may not be able to attend our 20 yr. (I'm working on it tho) so this website helped me "get to know" our classmates all over again! I never thought I'd say this but I miss high school and all of you guys!

07/28/08 03:17 PM #28    

Dory Compton (Moore)

to the reunion committee and especially Erica- thank you for this website. I could not be at the ten year reunion because we were in Texas. But, I am really looking forward to the twenty year. With this site I can pick back up where we left each other and it feels like I never missed a beat. I can't wait to see everyone. Dory

08/05/08 04:13 PM #29    

Jennifer Sinclair (Deakin)

Hello everyone! I am in need for some models to try out the new products Mary Kay has to offer!! I love Mary Kay and have used it for many years....think that is why people don't believe me when I say I am 38....and that is such a good thing!!! I would love to do a facial on anyone who is interested or if you just want to order some things that is good too. I am also looking for anyone who might be interested in selling. There are so many positive attributes that the Mary Kay opportunity has to offer. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or if you just want to chat 706-993-0943. Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion. I am so excited!!!

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